Information on the City's policy and procedures in relation to the Procurement of Goods and/or Services.

Whenever the City of Canning undertakes a procurement process, it is governed by the Local Government Act 1995 and the associated Local Government Act Functions and General Regulations - 1996 or internal City Policy.


The City of Canning maintains two Policies to govern its procurement practices, as approved by Council. These are the Procurement of Goods and/or Services Policy (AF301), which covers all levels of procurement including Pre-Qualified Panel of Suppliers, which governs how the City may arrange a panel of providers for the same goods and/or services.


When undertaking a procurement process, in addition to ensuring compliance with policy and procedure, City personnel must operate within the requirements of a procurement framework. This framework is designed so as to ensure all suppliers are treated in a fair, equitable and honest way, with transparency surrounding the City’s decision making.


The overall purpose of the City’s procurement Policies and framework is to ensure a value for money decision is reached, which maximises the efficiency of every ratepayer dollar spent.

Terms and Conditions

When submitting an offer to the City against a released request, the Respondent must ensure they do some in line with the City's Request Submission Condition.

Purchasing of goods, services and works, when not done under a predetermined contract, is done under the City's Purchase Order Terms and Conditions.

The City’s Statement of Business Ethics also applies to all suppliers wishing to do business with the City.
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