Shirlene Scanlan – CREEC Volunteer

My career in nursing spanned 42 years and as I approached retirement, I began considering my options in voluntary work.
I have always loved the outdoors and have taken a keen interest in environmental issues, and felt that I wanted to work with children and the environment. Children are the future custodians of our Earth and education is the most important way to encourage children and their families to care for the environment. I came across CREEC after a visit to the cafe. On investigation I realised that becoming a volunteer at CREEC would fit my brief perfectly.
My role at CREEC is many and varied and has evolved over the years. I have escorted children on bird watching excursions, participated in both Earth Day and Science Expo, and other community events, created educational tools, supported my colleagues, forged great friendships and learnt a lot about our beautiful Canning River Regional Park (CRRP).
My favorite activity is preparing educational displays for our public gallery. My aim is that our visitors enjoy the displays and take home some message, be it about our native flora or fauna, or some current environmental topic.
I like that I am part of a team that promotes sustainability and community and that my place of work, CREEC, is in such a beautiful setting. The CRRP is my favourite place in the metro area. I think that sums up why I continue to be so enthusiastic about the best job I have ever had.


Willetton Uniting Church Volunteers


Willetton Uniting Church Volunteers - L-R Dorothy Jackson, Mary Baggett, Phyllis Muller, Sophia Hayhurst. Lyn Waterhouse (absent)

The amazing volunteers from Willetton Uniting Church have volunteered numerous hours over the past fifteen plus years to support the residents of Canning Lodge to remain connected to their church community.
Visiting Canning Lodge every second Wednesday, the dedicated volunteers provide residents with opportunities to engage in fellowship through song, stories and a shared afternoon tea.
For Canning Lodge’s residents this is an opportunity to engage in activities that evoke life long memories, supports good mental health and a connection to their own personal spirituality.
For this special group of volunteers it's not just about a regular commitment to visit the residents of Canning Lodge, it's also about building relationships through shared experiences, stories and a recognition that a sense of community is key to having a 'whole of life' approach to living regardless of your age.

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