Regular roles are an opportunity for volunteers to work alongside City staff to deliver programs, activities and events that support our communities to thrive.

Capacity building volunteers skills and knowledge is at the forefront of role development and our regular volunteering roles are often unique to the volunteering sector.

All regular roles are advertised using a position description and applicants participate in a short interview to determine suitability for the role.

Commitment to a regular role does not have to be long term, however we ask volunteers to consider how supporting a regular role might fit into their busy lifestyle. Some regular roles only cover a specific time period (i.e. school term,one off project) and therefore may be easily managed alongside other commitments.

Our program currently supports 12+ regular roles with opportunities to support the delivery of early childhood and adult learning programs/activities, services delivery,administration support and connecting with our culturally and linguistically diverse communities.

Looking to connect to a regular volunteering role? Visit the Volunteering Opportunities page.

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