Meet Hye Jin (Grace) Um

Who do you volunteer for?

My volunteering journey commenced 20 years ago when I volunteered in various countries. Volunteering enabled me to learn more about different cultures whilst retaining an affection for my Korean culture through shared experiences.

I have been a Bilingual Storytime Volunteer with the City of Canning since 2020.

Why do you volunteer?

As a Bilingual Storytime Volunteer, I can share my Korean literacy skills through regular programming and school holiday sessions. Volunteering my time is a rewarding experience when I get to teach Korean to children from other cultures.

I work as a Special Needs Education Assistant at a primary school and have recently commenced teaching dance for Communicare. It is fun to meet and interact with children and families of various cultures through both teaching opportunities.

I am open to sharing my Korean culture with Canning’s communities and are readily seeking new opportunities to connect into new teaching opportunities.

Want to volunteer for the City of Canning? Visit the Volunteering Opportunities page.

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