Meet Sevine Gokkaya

Who do you volunteer for?

I currently volunteer with the City of Canning Books on Wheels service for both Riverton and Willetton library. In addition I am also a volunteer with North Metropolitan TAFE as a home tutor.

Why do you volunteer?

The reason I began volunteering was having settled permanently in Perth I felt a deep appreciation for living in such a wonderful city. Therefore, in return, I wanted to help others whilst being involved in my community. Volunteering has connected me to a cause which is not only important to me personally (i.e. my love of the library), but has given me the opportunity to meet, make friends and be part of a fantastic community. In all, being a volunteer is truly a worthwhile experience in so many ways and has certainly enriched my life.

Want to volunteer for the City of Canning? Visit the Volunteering Opportunities page.

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