City of Canning volunteers help to deliver a fantastic range of exciting and memorable community programs, activities and events.  Your participation in the City’s volunteer program will help you to gain a sense of community and connection to others and enhance your social and learning skills.

Four reasons why you should become a City of Canning Volunteer.

Reason 1 - Keeping up with change

Whether you are volunteering in our libraries or helping to promote sustainable environments, you will be a part of the City’s innovative pursuits to drive social, environmental, economic and technical change, helping you to stay one step ahead of our ever changing world.

Reason 2 - New experiences and insights

The City has a unique and diverse range of volunteering experiences some of which you are unlikely to encounter with any other organisation. Being open to a new experience will challenge you to adapt, learn, gain new insights and help you to keep mentally fit.

Reason 3 - Meeting new people and sharing knowledge

Canning communities are culturally diverse and volunteering for the City of Canning will help you to meet people who have different perspectives, backgrounds, and life experiences. Meeting new people and sharing knowledge can be a transformative experience helping to shape you into an open-minded individual.

Reason 4 -   Being a game changer

Embracing change, being connected, learning new skills, sharing knowledge and being insightful are inspirational qualities that make volunteers the game changers of our communities.

Want to volunteer with the City of Canning?

Click here to complete an Expression of Interest form.

Your details will be added to our Volunteer Register for recruitment purposes.
Your completed Expression of Interest can be:

Emailed to:
In person at: Bentley Hub Corner Hedley Place & Manning Road Manning WA 6152
Mailed to: Volunteer Officer Locked Bag 80, Welshpool, Western Australia, 6986

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