A day out at City of Canning Leisureplex

17 May 2022

Meet Emily.

Emily joined the Leisureplexes in 2018, not long after having her first child. She wanted to get back into fitness while on maternity leave. Now, 4 years later, Emily is a regular user of our facilities and has this to say about her experience;

“I mainly attend both the group classes and the gym. I much prefer the group classes, as when I’m working out on my own I definitely tend to slack off a little, so I need that extra encouragement!”

Emily’s 2 children attend the creche while she participates in Group Fitness classes. “The creche is amazing! Very affordable and the ladies in there are great. They are all very friendly, kind and caring. I’ve recently had a second child who goes there frequently. He’s only 7 months old, but I can tell by the smile on his face that he loves going there.”

Emily tried out a few classes until she found the sessions she most liked, and which suited my schedule. Her favourite thing about the centre is definitely the Boot Camp class!

“The people in the class have been there for years, and they almost feel like a second family! There is never any pretentiousness. Everyone is there to support and motivate each other, while having a laugh along the way. I have known the instructor of the class, Kristin for years now. She loves to push us and mixes up the class every week, focusing on different areas and exercises, so it's never predictable (apart from the fact that you know you're going to be sore the next day!). Her and a few other instructors I've had over the years including Ron and more recently Anita in the circuit class Team Beats are also great. Always willing to take the time for you, to help you make sure you're doing the exercise correctly, with no intimidation or judgement.”

Over the years Emily has had peaks and troughs in her attendance, however most recently I've toned up quite quickly after attending only 2-3 sessions a week. I can definitely tell the difference in my cardio fitness and core strength, especially after having a baby.

“If you're looking for a centre which has a great variety of classes, a very well equipped gym, amazing instructors, great creche and is full of fun, fitness minded people, then I would definitely recommend Riverton Leisureplex.”

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