Benefits of swimming in winter

16 August 2021

As it gets to the cooler months the idea of going for a dip can seem less appealing. Did you know that swimming in winter is important, not only to keep your skills in check, but also to reap the health benefits!

Here's five reasons why you should shake the cold shoulder and swim this winter!

1. Great way to keep fit and active
Rain usually stops fun activities, but with indoor pools, you can swim all year round, regardless of what weather we are having outside!

2. Build a strong immune system
High fitness levels gained through year round swimming build stronger immune systems that makes adults and children more resilient to cold and flu viruses.

3. Repetition is the secret for consolidating skills
Taking a break from swimming lessons means children may need to re-learn critical skills. Even just a few weeks off can have an impact on progression.

4. Drownings still occur in winter
Accidents can happen around water at any time of the year, it’s important that children and adults are equipped with the skills to stay safe all year round.

5. More one-on-one time
Classes tend to be quieter in the winter months, you may be lucky and receive more one on one time with the teachers!

Find out more about Canning Swim School and the year-round lessons offered.

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