Leisureplex Olympic Games Challenge 2021

17 August 2021

After many setbacks and challenges over the past 18 months, the Leisureplex team were eager to create a challenge to continue to re-ignite some fun, interaction and recognition amongst our members. 

Over the course of the Olympics, several challenges were held at both Riverton and Cannington gyms with all members being welcomed to take part. From rowing to bench press and sled push, there were options for everyone.
The ‘Plex Olympics resulted in 61 members taking part and recording their results. Our gym team were impressed with the improvements in strength, speed and power by the participants, and were pleasantly surprised when members challenged (and beat) our Personal Trainers!
Top results:City of Canning Leisureplex winning member with trainer Ricky

Juniors (under 21 years)
Longest hang – 1:12 by Vanessa
100m sled - 1:40 by Katie
2km bike sprint - 3:50 by Katie
2min Row distance: 629m by Thomas T.  

Opens (21-50 years)
Longest hang – 3:13 by Jean-Michel
100m sled – 36 seconds by Sahil D
Bench Press – 53 reps by Sahil D
2km bike sprint – 3:31 by Mike
2min Row distance – 6857m by Keegan R

Masters (50 years+)
Longest hang – 3.10 by Bahaadin
100m sled – 1.07 by Gary
Bench Press – 53 reps by Russ B
2km bike sprint – 3.41 by Bahaadin
2min Row distance – 630m by Russ B
8 punch AMRAP – 32 rounds by Beth
Male and female winners from each age group were identified using a points based system for every challenge they participated in and were awarded prizes including one month's free membership and Technogym gift packs.
With the Paralympics just around the corner, we are excited to provide a fresh new set of challenges for our members.

Keep your eyes out for more details coming soon!

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