Why 30 minute lessons are best

20 August 2021

Studies have shown that longer lessons are not conducive to children who are learning to swim. Most children (and adults too) only have the capacity to concentrate for 20 minutes. In addition to this, children fatigue over longer class times which can affect the technique of their strokes. There are a number of issues that arise from participating in swimming lessons while fatigued:

We all want our children to be fit and healthy, and swimming is a great way to achieve this. When children get tired in swimming, their technique begins to fade. Breath control can be affected and it means that some children may inadvertently breathe in water. They could push themselves too hard and injure themselves too. All things we definitely don’t want happening at swimming lessons!

Have you ever noticed your child not finishing the laps properly? Or their stroke looking “messy” when it usually looks beautiful? Technique is the first thing that tends to go out the window when swimmers get tired. You see this in all sports and activities. It’s the same with swimming.

Reinforcing bad habits
Think of all the time and investment you have made in learning to swim the correct way. If we expect our children to swim when they are tired, they will be practising the bad technique over and over again which could undo months of hard work.
So, what does work?

Enrolling twice a week
For those parents who would like their children to swim longer, we encourage you to enrol them into two lessons per week instead. Shorter timeframes will give your child the best learning environment so they can get the most out of their lessons. Focusing hard in a shorter amount of time is more effective then expecting them to keep their focus in one longer session.

It’s no secret that repetition is what helps consolidate skills. We strongly encourage swimming all year round to master swimming skills. One 30 minute lesson for 10 weeks adds up to 5 hours of swimming. If you only spent 5 hours on maths per year, would that be enough? Regular practise helps!

Enjoy our pools on us!
Did you know that when you have an active Canning Swim School enrolment, you get free access to our swimming pools for one child and one adult swim. This inclusion allows you to practise what you’ve learned in your lesson that week. You can come every day if you want, with no charge!

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