Why does my Swimming Teacher keep changing?

07 October 2021

Building a connection with your swimming teacher will have an amazing impact on your ability to learn, develop and grow. But what happens when your swimming teacher changes? And why does it feel like your Swimming Teacher keeps changing lately?

The quick answer is: this is due to the after effects of COVID-19. But what does this have to do with my child’s swimming teacher, you might ask?

Industry Shortage
“We’ve got a massive shortage of teachers across the country.” says Swim Australia Chief Executive Brendan Ward. “We estimate 2,000 jobs are available right now.”
Canning Swim School, like all Swim Schools across Australia are desperately trying to train and employ swimming teachers to meet the current demand for swimming lessons.
“Currently we have a team of 75 staff. Term 3 saw us with the highest enrolment numbers we’ve experienced in winter over the last three years.” Candy Bate, Team Leader Swimming explains. “Last term, we ran lessons for over 3,250 customers each week. We’re expecting that demand for lessons in Term 4 to grow to over 4,000.”
The volume of staff needed to be able to provide lessons to 4,000 customers every week at Cannington Leisureplex and Riverton Leisureplex needs to grow to support this.
“We are trying everything we can to recruit and train staff to be able to provide water safety education to as many people as possible.” Candy explains. “I’d encourage parents to be flexible and compassionate during this time. As much as we’d like to create more spaces or have consistency with teaching week to week, we have limited resources right now. Your teacher might change but our priority is to ensure they still get a valuable lesson, rather than cancelling the session altogether. And hey, if you’d like to become a swimming teacher yourself, get in touch with us.”

But why is this happening?
Leisure centres and recreation facilities are often one of the first businesses to shut down when COVID restrictions are put in place. This is generally due to the capacity restrictions per square metre on public venues.
Swimming Teachers, generally casual staff, were not eligible for JobKeeper, so they’ve had to go and find alternative employment. Most Swimming Teachers return to their role as soon as the restrictions ease, however balancing multiple jobs has an effect on their availability.
The CEO of Royal Life Saving Society – Australia, Justin Scarr said many pools are now struggling to find qualified staff to deliver water safety and swimming skills, as well as lifeguard services.
“This is a significant issue for an industry which really struggled to survive the pandemic lockdowns,” Mr Scarr said. “The good news is that for people who are currently unemployed, or looking at a change in career, there are jobs available right now across Australia”.
“The aquatic industry is great for people who need some flexibility – parents returning to the workforce, or people looking for hours that fit around their caring responsibilities”
What can I expect at Canning Swim School?
  • We will always do our best to ensure your child has a safe, enjoyable and productive lesson
  • If your teacher is absent, we will provide you with another relief teacher
  • Our team of staff are all qualified swimming teachers, who partake in regular training and development sessions to ensure they can teach participants to swim at a very high standard
  • Our online skill assessments will always be up to date, which means your relief teacher will know exactly what your child is working on in their swimming development
  • Our busier afternoons and weekends will have Senior Teachers available to give additional assistance if needed, they will also be available to teach classes if we are unable to find a relief teacher
  • Your teacher will provide the relief teacher (or Senior Teacher) with information on your class to ensure there is consistency from week to week
Think of the positives of a different teacher  
  • You will get to meet more of our amazing team of teachers
  • Your child might find someone who they really connect with
  • Variety is the spice of life!
  • A different teaching approach might click for your child, which you may not have discovered until now
  • Children are exposed to different personalities, behaviour management strategies and ways of learning
  • Being able to adapt and adjust to different people, helps you to become well-rounded
  • Experiencing change develops resilience and prepares children for other disruptions that might occur in the future
  • Co-Teaching, Team Teaching, Job Sharing, etc. all happens in schools, this will be a small taster or introduction for your child
  • Swimming teachers who job share have to make sure they communicate clearly with each other. As a parent, if you’d like an update on your child, this will be well documented and readily available.
As always, our goal at Canning Swim School is to provide swimming programs for all age groups, abilities and backgrounds. If anyone has any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us canning.swimschool@canning.wa.gov.au or 1300 422 664. We’re always here to help you and your child during their swimming journey at Canning Swim School.

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