The City has established a Business Advisory Group to provide advice to the Council with respect to economic development in the City of Canning.

The Business Advisory Group (BAG) provides the opportunity to:

  • Ensure a key sector of the community is provided with an appropriate communication mechanism
  • Provide strategic advice to the Council on issues that affect the business community
  • Raise the profile of the business community in Council activities and planning

Further information about the group can be found in the Terms of Reference here.

Members of the BAG

The advisory group consists of 10 community members. Members are appointed for a two year period with half being appointed each year. Should a vacancy occur during the term of appointment, the position will be filled following the normal appointment process.

1 Year Term 2016-2017 2 Year Term 2016-2018 2 Year Term 2017-2019
Public Members
Astrid Vasile
Peter Coxon
Kevin Baruffi
Kate Holsgrove

Stephen Ward
Yew Cheun (Eddie) Ko

Astrid Vasile

Peter Coxon

Kevin Baruffi

Lee Green

Nominations for vacancies on the BAG are closed.

Details on all of The City of Canning's established Advisory Groups can be found here.