We work to develop and enable a sustainable local economy.

The City of Canning has a dedicated Business Development team that works on projects, programs and intiatives to sustainably grow our businesses and economy. This includes building capability in our business community; addressing structural components to enable growth now and in the future; and improving our interface with businesses.

Much of the work undertaken by the Business Development team is done so with our partners. This includes with other City business units (such as planning, health, etc), as well as varying government agencies both Federal and State to position the City as an attractive prospect for funding, support and investment. 

Collectively, this approach works toward the goal of Prosper set out in our Strategic Community Plan and to achieve our vision of a Welcoming and Thriving City.

The below infographic provides an overview on some of our key project themes and focus areas that we are currently working on.

Find out more about our City profile or learn about the Canning Business Mentoring Program.

For more information, please contact us during working hours on 1300 422 664 or via email.

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