Since 1998, the City of Canning Ranger and Community Safety Services team have operated a round the clock, 24/7 Community Safety Service to assist and provide peace of mind to its residents.

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The City of Canning recognises that the safest communities are connected communities and for twenty years the Ranger and Community Safety Services has supported the City’s commitment and continued investment in ensuring a safe and secure community.

The service works to discourage anti-social behaviour in our communities and provide assistance with relevant legislation and local law matters. Officers currently patrol 16 suburbs covering a total area of 65 square kilometres in response to more than 200 customer requests per week - that’s over 10,000 requests per year.

Whilst primary responsibility for law enforcement and crime prevention rests with State Government agencies such as WA Police, there is a growing recognition that Local Government is well placed to lead community crime prevention initiatives. With this in mind, we have taken a strategic and proactive approach to keeping the community safe, as demonstrated through the delivery of the Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan .

Throughout the year, the City of Canning will be celebrating the 20th Anniversary of its Ranger and Community Safety Services with a number of initiatives, activities and events throughout Canning. This will include the launch and competition to name our new mascot, colouring in competitions with local schools, appearances of the mascot and team members at local fairs and events, giveaways, school visits plus much more.

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