The City of Canning is preparing a future Rating Strategy. A Rating Strategy considers the fair and equitable share of rates to be paid by each property owner of the City.


The City of Canning asked for land and property owners to provide feedback on developing a new Rating Strategy before finalising and putting it forward to Council for consideration.

The City asked ratepayers to have their say on whether they would prefer a Rates Strategy that would share the burden of rates fairly among different property and land holders. Currently, commercial property owners and residential home owners pay rates based on the same calculation. A new Rating Strategy would consider:

  • differential rating

  • specified area rating

  • rating exemptions

  • rate notice charges

For more information about these options, please click here to download the Rating Discussion Paper.

The comment period closed 31 March 2018.

What will happen after feedback has been given?

Ratepayer feedback will be collated into a Rating Discussion Paper which will be presented to Council in May 2018. Council will then decide if there is to be a change to the City’s current Rating Strategy.