Canning River Eco Education Centre (CREEC), Cnr Kent Street and Queens Park Road, Wilson

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Saturday 29 May 2021
10:30 AM to 11:30 AM

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Composting for Beginners

All that food waste and other organic matter is far too valuable for our soil to waste it by throwing it away.

You can ditch the fertilisers, save your pocket and do your garden a favour by making compost at home.

In this session you'll learn about:

  • The nature of organic waste and its value to plants and gardens
  • Methods of composting - traditional, worm farming, bokashi and worm tubes
  • Social enterprises available to people who don't want to compost at home
  • A practical demonstration of the set up of each method.
Date:  Saturday 29 May 2021
Time:  10:30am to 11:30am 
Venue: CREEC, Cnr Kent St and Queens Park Rd, Wilson

Audience: Adults 

Brought to you by the City of Canning  and Waste is my Resource .

Community Learning Program

This workshop is part of the City's Community Sustainability Learning Program designed to support you on your sustainability journey. With a wide variety of topics, whether you are at the beginning of your journey or further along there is a workshop just right for you.  For further information contact CREEC on creec@canning.wa.gov.au or call 9461 7160.

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