Kent Street Weir

Kent Street, Wilson

Event Date

Friday 03 June 2022
9:30 AM to 11:30 AM

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Email: bookings@cyclingwithoutage-perth.org.au
Bookings are essential

Trishaw Rides

Cycling Without Age: Our mission is to build bridges between generations, social inclusion and helping prevent loneliness.
We provide elderly people with an opportunity to avoid social isolation and remain active in their community by taking them out on bike rides and allow them to feel the wind in their hair! We are able to take two passengers at a time  – if this is not suitable, we take single passengers too! All passengers are safely secured with seatbelts and our trishaws are ridden by qualified volunteer pilots (cyclists) at a very slow speed so they can enjoy their surroundings and have a chat.
A scenic 20-30min ride around the Canning River Regional Park.
Further details can be found here.
Location: Kent Street Weir, near the Canning River Cafe. Look for the Cycling Without Age flags near the picnic shelter closest to the car park.

Please note: Friday 14 October will be held at Shelley Foreshore - Riverton Drive north, look for our flags and volunteers in their hi-viz vests near the jetty and public toilets.
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