Council Meetings

Agenda Briefings are held on the second Tuesday of each month, and Ordinary Council Meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month. 


Briefings and Ordinary Council Meetings commence at 6:00pm and are held in the Council Chambers at the City’s Civic and Administration Centre at 1317 Albany Highway, Cannington. 


Please note: Council only makes decisions at Council Meetings. Agenda Briefings are not decision making meetings, they are to inform and consult with Elected Members to enable informed decision making by Council.


Papers for Ordinary Council Meetings will be uploaded on the Friday prior to the Ordinary Council Meeting.




Agenda Briefings


Clause 2 of Policy CM105 – Members’ Briefing Framework states:


2.            In general, Agenda Briefings are open to members of the public who will be afforded the opportunity to ask questions or make submissions:


    a)            exclusively on items listed on the Ordinary Council Meeting Agenda (Draft Agenda).


In the event that you are unable to locate agenda or minute papers, could you please email and we will make the documents available to you.



Council Meetings


Question Time at Council Meetings is governed by Clause 4.5 of the City of Canning Standing Orders Local Law 2015Question Time for Public and Policy AD.02 – Question Time at Council Meetings.


In Summary:


1.            The time allocated for Public Question Time is 15 minutes (or less if all questions have been dealt with). This may be extended for a further 15 minutes at the discretion of the Presiding Member.  Any additional extension beyond 30 minutes is to be the subject of a formal Council resolution.


2.            To be fair and equitable to all, each person is limited to a maximum of three (3) questions.  At the discretion of the Presiding Member, an opportunity to ask additional questions may be given if time permits, and only after all other questions have been dealt with.


3.            Questions at Ordinary Council Meetings are to pertain to the operations of, or issues affecting the City.  Unlike Briefing Sessions or Special Council Meetings, these questions do not have to relate only to matters listed on the Agenda.


OCM Ordinary Council Meeting
ARC Audit and Risk Committee Meeting
AB Agenda Briefing Meeting 
AME Annual Meeting of Electors
SME Special Meeting of Electors
SCM Special Council Meeting

In the event that you are unable to locate agenda or minute papers, could you please and we will make the documents available to you. To listen to the audio recordings from the Council Meetings, please click here.

Disclaimer: In accordance with Section 5.94 of the Local Government Act, Agendas, Attachments, and Minute Papers are available at the City’s Administration Office, 1317 Albany Highway, Cannington. Should you have any difficulties in accessing or viewing any Agendas, Attachments and Minute Papers on this website, please contact the City ’s Customer Services on 1300 422 664, or via email at

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