City awarded for sector-leading approach to road safety

21 September 2023
The City of Canning’s unique and proactive approach to improving road safety was recognised with two awards at the 2023 WA Local Government Road Safety Awards this week.
The City took home two of the three awards presented on the day, in both the Complimentary Initiatives category and Local Road Safety Partnerships category.
The first award related to the City’s Speed Zones on Local Streets Survey, conducted in 2022, which took a sector-first approach to understanding the community’s views on vehicle speeds.
The project involved an extensive community engagement program which included consultation at a range of events, discussion with local schools, youth workshops and an online survey, reaching over 84,000 residents - around 90% of the City’s population.
The reach and response rate of the survey provided the City with invaluable data to inform how it manages speeds on the local road network and to support speed limit change proposals submitted to Main Roads WA.
Following on from the project, a strategic review of traffic count data was collected across 604 individual locations within the City.
Mayor Hall said the City’s collaborative approach ensured that the community was included in the speed management discussion, and that residents felt seen and heard.
“As far as we’re aware, a consultation on local speeds like this has not been undertaken before by any Local Government in Western Australia,” said Mayor Hall.
“The data from the survey and traffic count has allowed the City to understand the extent of speeding behaviour in our road network, identify perceived and real speed issues and to target speed management actions to high-risk areas, making roads safer for everyone – a fantastic outcome.”
The second award related to the City’s Road Safety Management Plan, developed in 2022, with the aim of reducing the number of people killed or seriously injured on the local road network.
Canning was one of the first Councils to formally adopt a Road Safety Management Plan aligned to the State Road Safety Strategy and include targets to reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured on local roads by 50-70% by 2030.
One of the main actions of the plan was the development of a set of comprehensive Local Area Traffic Management Plans to provide consistent and improved safety outcomes on road networks within City neighbourhoods.
These plans identify neighbourhoods with a higher-than-average casualty crash history and allow the City to prioritise actions to reduce road trauma on an area-wide or whole-of-street basis, bringing widespread safety benefits and amenity gains for the community.
Mayor Hall said the proactive plan had positioned the City to lead road safety improvements in the local government sector, and it was already delivering positive outcomes.
“In the 2022-23 financial year, the first under the Plan, we completed 17 road safety audits, had five successful Black Spot Project grant submissions and constructed over 4.5km of shared paths, with two further grants awarded to deliver more shared paths,” said Mayor Hall.
“We also completed our first Safe Active Street, and launched a speed display trailer pilot project at 25 high risk locations across the City.”
The City’s collaboration with the Department of Transport’s Your Move Program saw over 4,000 residents and eight local schools commit to reducing reliance on cars and getting active on the shared path network.
“These are all excellent outcomes and are only the start of what will continue to be delivered as part of this long-term plan,” said Mayor Hall.
“My congratulations to the City staff and the many external agencies and stakeholders who were involved in planning and delivering these very important projects.”

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