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08 January 2020
The City of Canning, Fremantle Ports, Cisco-led Innovation Central Perth and Curtin University are partnering in an exciting collaboration to investigate creative solutions for easing traffic congestion.

Community and industry will benefit from the projects focusing on improving the movement of freight vehicles in the Fremantle and Canning areas.

The Port of Fremantle and Canning are major origin and destination locations of freight and goods that service Western Australian businesses and consumers. Joining forces with Innovation Central Perth and researchers at Curtin University will enable scientific investigation and a technology driven focus on easing congestion and improving freight conditions.

The two projects are being explored through the Innovation Central Perth (ICP) Summer Intern program that will also inform active National industry research projects with the Sustainable Built Environment National Research Centre (SBEnrc) based at Curtin. The first project - in partnership with the City of Canning - is looking to gain a better understanding of truck movements in the Canning Vale industrial area.

City of Canning Mayor Patrick Hall said a deeper insight into these movements will allow the City to make smarter decisions on infrastructure spending and any other initiatives to ease congestion.

The second project in partnership with Fremantle Ports involves exploring methods to develop a Smart Plate to track truck movements in real time. Like Canning’s project, this information will allow a better understanding of congestion points and trouble spots on our roads.

With one of the projects exploring the ‘software’ aspect and the other focusing on ‘hardware’, both the City of Canning and Fremantle Ports are expecting to fast track the rollout and live testing of these projects should the research prove successful.

Tom Goerke, Cisco Innovation Centre Lead said, “the summer intern program is really important to ICP as it gives our students the opportunity to work directly with industry on impactful business solutions. While working on these real-world challenges proposed by Fremantle Ports and the City of Canning, the students will develop new skills and knowledge involving the Internet of Things, network technologies and data science that will ultimately increase their employability."

All organisations collaborating under the program are driven by a culture of innovation and have worked collectively to develop these projects, drawing on the support of government and industry.

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