Explore science with City of Canning’s new AR app

07 October 2020
The City of Canning and award-winning, New Zealand-based game developer, GeoAR Games, have collaborated to create a new app that allows you to explore science and water using a mobile device.

Available at the City’s new smart park – Wharf Street Basin Next Generation Community Park – the free Smart Canning app uses augmented reality (AR) to provide access to educational games, learn about water quality and see real-time statistics on water quality in the park.

Physical frames located in the park act as triggers to overlay games on a mobile device. Games feature native wildlife where you can help a turtle, frog and micro bat search for food in their natural environments. 

Other AR frames allow you to change environment conditions such as oxygen levels to see the impacts on water quality and take a photo with a 3D animal.

The app also features an interactive map to find facilities like drinking fountains, USB charging points and bike racks in the park.

City of Canning Mayor Patrick Hall said the development of a bespoke AR app is the first for the City and is one of the many smart features of the Next Generation Park. 

“Our new smart park is a space where technology and nature blend seamlessly together. The Smart Canning app is a fantastic educational tool which provides live data on the environmental impact on our waterways, and information about local wildlife.

“The park provides an entirely interactive visitor experience featuring a wide range of leading integrated technologies including smart bins and irrigation, and smart sensors to measure water quality, weather, power and water use in real time,” Mayor Hall said.

The Smart Canning app is available to download for free from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

The Wharf Street Basin Next Generation Community Park is on Wharf Street in Cannington. The park has an informal, interactive education space, free WiFi, native plants and trees, solar power to provide power to the park and a 40m mural designed and painted by local artists.

Find out more at canning.wa.gov.au/smartpark

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