Kindy kids adopt their local park to get close to nature

06 December 2019
Children from the Canning Vale School of Early Learning have adopted their local park, working with the City of Canning to plant and water trees, pick up rubbish and check on play equipment, as part of their day-to-day learning.

Woodhouse Park is located next to the school, which caters for up to 70 students each day from infants to five year olds, as well as after school care.

The request to adopt Woodhouse Park came from the school as staff hoped it would allow the children to take ownership of the park, instil pride in public open space and complement their learning about the environment.

The City of Canning Parks and Place Improvement team was more than happy to grant the request, and will work with the school to assist with planting days, watering and attending to equipment.

School Director Debbie Loreggian said the idea began with a bush kindy initiative the school had been running at another park and got them thinking about doing it closer to home.

“We thought why don’t we get more kids involved, get them going into nature, and even have the youngest students involved as it is so easy to walk to the park,” she said.

“Our philosophy is very nature based, we have lots of sustainability initiatives and we were wondering what we could do to teach children to look after the environment and be more sustainable – this was a simple and fun way to achieve that.”

To mark the school’s ownership of the park, a sign was installed featuring a drawing by the students detailing what the park means to them.

City of Canning Mayor Patrick Hall welcomed any initiative aimed at giving young children an early introduction to the natural environment.

“Adopting a park is a novel idea and I applaud the school for taking such a proactive approach. Nature-based play has been increasingly recognised for the enormous benefit that it provides to children and I am incredibly pleased to see such a concerted effort to educate young minds about the importance of their natural surroundings,” said Mayor Hall.

“I encourage other schools to contact the City of Canning and enquire about supporting their own local park.”

If other schools would like to get involved and support their local park, they can contact the City of Canning Park’s and Place Improvement team on 1300 422 664 or via

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