The City of Canning extends its heartfelt sympathy to the victims, their families and our brothers and sisters in New Zealand after Friday’s attack in Christchurch.

As neighbours across the Tasman and as a City which enjoys one of Australia’s most multicultural communities, we are saddened that such atrocities can occur in such a peaceful, safe place - a place people call home.

The City of Canning stands beside Christchurch.

This week, as we celebrate Harmony Week’s theme of ‘Everyone Belongs,’ I urge all to rejoice in our diversity, to be proud of our strong and successful multicultural society, to respect the different cultures that create the social fabric of our community and to come together with friends, family and your community to celebrate our diversity.

The attack in Christchurch was an attack in a place of worship – all people have a right and an expectation that places of worship must be safe and sacred.

This horrific act was designed to divide and spread the voice of hate. The City of Canning will respond to this voice of hate with a voice of love.

We will continue to embrace people of all nationalities. We will continue to respect and celebrate the stories of immigration that make our society a stronger one. We will continue to be an inclusive City where people of all backgrounds and cultures are respected and revered.  We will continue our mission to create a welcoming and thriving City for everyone.

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