Public Notice - Resurfacing Works on Metcalfe Road

18 September 2023
The City of Canning will be undertaking road resurfacing works on Metcalfe Road between Bridgeway Avenue and High Road. These works are required to improve the level of service and extend the life of the road. The anticipated program of works is as follows:
Commencement Date   Sunday 1 October 2023
Hours of Work   NIGHT WORKS - 7pm to 5am
Completion Date   Thursday 12 October 2023
(including Saturday 7 October and Sunday 8 October 2023)
The actual commencement date is subject to weather and completion of preceding projects and works. Some minor construction/maintenance works will also commence prior to and finish after these dates.

Due to the nature of the work, increased noise levels should be expected during the period of work. As the works are to be conducted at night, these shall be carried out in accordance with an approved Noise Management Plan to reduce the overall noise impacts on nearby residences as far as reasonably possible.

During the road resurfacing works, road closures and traffic control will be in place and access to properties may be affected. Owners and tenants along with any visitors are requested to advise the traffic controllers and make their intentions clear that they need to enter or exit the worksite. Should you need to enter or exit your property, please ensure you allow additional time in case the work stage does not allow immediate access. Care must be taken at all times when moving through the site.

To avoid delays, owners and tenants are requested to avoid parking vehicles on the road during the works as the Construction Teams will require full access to the road surface. It is appreciated that inconvenience may be caused during the road works. Every effort will be made by the City to minimise this.

Should you have any further questions regarding the project works, please contact the City’s Engineering Operations Department on 1300 422 664.
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