Sewer works begin at Kent Street Weir precinct

27 January 2022
The next phase of the City of Canning’s Kent Street Weir Precinct Plan is underway with sewer works starting at the precinct 31 January.

The three-month project may impact traffic flow and the car park.

The parkland, Canning River Café, the Canning River Eco Education Centre (CREEC) and the Kent Street Weir bridge will all remain unaffected during the works.

Sewer installation will result in odour reduction and will curb nutrient run-off into the Swan-Canning River System.
Mayor Patrick Hall said he welcomes the next phase of works which contributes to bringing the entire Kent Street Weir Precinct Plan together.

“Kent Street Weir is a space that the City of Canning is proud of; it has become a thriving space where nature and culture come together and a place where people can peacefully recreate.

“The sewer works signal the project’s timely progression into making the space more user-friendly for visitors while reducing nutrient run-off into the Swan River.

“The area is experiencing continual improvement thanks to the city’s commitment to improving our green spaces and park infrastructure for our ratepayers,” Mr Hall said.

Future works for the precinct involve upgrades to the play area, the pump track, parking areas and park infrastructure.

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