You can get in touch with the City of Canning anytime and anywhere

19 October 2020
Canning Residents will now be able to reach the City of Canning anytime and anywhere and on any device thanks to City’s revitalised Request-It webpage.
Residents can log requests online via the City’s website, attach documents and photos and also pinpoint their location with GPS integration.  They can also opt to receive real time updates on their requests making the process much more user friendly.
To further streamline the process, the re-launched Request-It page has also been pre-filled with 250 commonly requested topics ranging from abandoned vehicles to white good pickups and everything in between.
Mayor Patrick Hall said these new features and improvements will greatly improve efficiency behind the scenes and replace email as the best way to get in contact with the City.
“The City typically receives up to 120 requests a day and even more on a Monday morning. Whether you’re reporting a lost dog or requesting a copy of your rates, getting in touch with the City via the Request-It page can ensure your issue is actioned or resolved much more quickly,” said Mayor Hall.
“One of the best things about Request-It is the added benefit of not needing to get on the phone to the City if you want an update on your request. Request-It can send you real-time updates on the progress of your issue or query by sms, email or phonecall, giving you the information you need in the palm of your hands.”
Last year the City launched its Digital Strategy 2019 -2023  with a vision and action plan to roll out over 30 projects to enable the City to think more sustainably and plan more effectively. At the heart of the transformation is ensuring customer needs are met.
Canning residents can lodge a request or raise an issue via Request-It at
For those who prefer to talk to someone, they can still visit the Administration Building during business hours or phone the City’s Customer Service team on 1300 422 664 for assistance.

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