Reporting an animal found on your property without consent.

Types of animals

  • The City will respond to requests for dogs, cats (if trapped) and livestock that are found on private property without consent.
  • For wildlife, please contact Wildcare on 9474 9055.

Unable to hold animal

  • If you are unable to hold the animal and have released it, please call the City on 1300 4 CANNING (1300 422 664) to advise the animal is wandering.
  • This applies to dogs and livestock only.  If it is a cat, then we will be unable to assist unless it is trapped.
  • To advise the City of an animal on your property without consent, please report below.
  • Please advise if the animal is aggressive on your report. 
  • An officer will take action within the next 48 hours.
report animal on property without consent
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