Maintenance of crossovers is the responsibility of the landowner in most circumstances.

Landowner responsibility

  • Maintenance is the responsibility of the landowner utilising the crossover.
  • If the crossover is damaged and needs repair, consideration can be given to upgrading the crossover to bring it in line with the City's standard specifications, which are available on the website.
  • Minor maintenance issues such as rectifying cracks and cutting out and replacing a small area of crossover can be completed without the approval of the City, on the condition that the works are in line with the City's standard specifications.

Canning responsibility

  • Damage caused by waste collection vehicles using the crossover as a turning circle. 
  • Damage caused by Canning works. 
  • This type of damage can be reported below.

Report an issue

  • To report damage to a crossover that is the City's responsibility, click below. 
  • An officer will investigate within ten (10) working days.
report damaged crossover
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