Reporting illegally dumped rubbish.

Illegal Dumping in Progress

  • If you are witnessing illegal dumping currently in process, please contact the City on 1300 4 CANNING (1300 422 664) to report your request.  You can call this number 24-hours a day for urgent / high priority assistance. 
  • This will allow an officer to respond with the highest priority.

What is Litter/Illegal Dumping?

Litter is an offense under the Litter Act 1979, and is defined as any refuse that is discarded in an open or public place and can include:

  • any material that is thrown or allowed to fall or is blown from a vehicle
  • the placing of waste in a reserve or public place
  • the placing of domestic or commercial waste in a public rubbish bin
  • bill posting 
  • any material not appropriately stored or secured on a building site that is allowed to blow or wash away.

Bill Posting

  • Bill posting refers to advertising material being displayed on any buildings, fence, furniture, pillar, tree or other structure without permission of the owner.
  • It also includes the leaving of posting of advertising material in any unoccupied vehicle in a public place.
  • Any person who leaves or posts a bill on or in any unoccupied vehicle in a public place commits an offense unless the bill is left or posted with the consent of the owner or person in charge of the vehicle.(eg flyers placed on windscreens in shopping centre car parks).

Rubbish on Private Property

  • Although the City will investigate and prosecute where possible it will remain the land owner’s responsibility to remove the items or material where the offender cannot be identified.
  • If on vacant land, the land owner is required to make the report.

Unidentifiable Items

Illegally dumped items that have no identifiable content are unable to be investigated due to the anonymous nature of the items. Examples are:
  • fridges
  • ovens
  • dishwashers
  • mattresses
If you are reporting unidentifiable items, then please click here to make a report. 

Request to Investigate Illegal Dumping

  • To request an investigation into illegal dumping, please report below.
  • An officer will take action within the next 48 hours.
report illegal dumping
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