Reporting issues with the keeping of pigeons, poultry and other animals.

Poultry/pigeon restrictions

The City's Health Local Laws stipulate that certain types of animals can/cannot be kept in certain situations. Poultry/pigeons may NOT be kept in any of the following areas:
  • the Canning Regional centre
  • any lot less than 1000m2 in area
  • lots zoned or developed for group housing
  • commercial or industrial zones.

Poultry/pigeon allowed

If the property falls outside of the above criteria then up to six (6) chickens or twelve (12) pigeons may be kept in accordance with:

  • The birds must be kept within a secure enclosure ("chicken run) with the following setbacks:
    • 5 metres from side and rear property boundaries
    • 5 metres from windows of habitable rooms and external doors of dwelling
    • 15 metres from the street or commercial premises where food is prepared
  • A properly constructed structure ("hen house") with an impervious graded floor is located within the enclosure.
  • The enclosure and structure is kept clean and free from accumulations of dirt, waste food, faeces, and other matter likely to create odours and attract flies, vermin, rodents and other vectors of diseases.
  • Up to twelve (12) poultry or one hundred (100) pigeons may be kept if the owner/occupier is a member of a poultry or pigeon club.

Allowances under certain zones

Certain types of poultry create an additional nuisance to neighbouring properties due to their size, noise and wandering habits.  The following poultry may only be kept in Rural, Special Rural or Special Residential/Kennel Zones:

  • roosters
  • goose or gander
  • turkey
  • peacock or peahen.

Additionally, the following examples of large animals can also only be kept in Rural, Special Rural or Special Residential/Kennel Zones and should not be kept within 10 metres of houses:

  • goats
  • alpacas
  • cows/bulls
  • horses/ponies
  • sheep
  • deer
  • camels
  • lamas
  • emu/ostrich
  • kangaroo
  • donkey/ass/mule.


  • No pigs are allowed to be kept within the City of Canning.

Neighbour issues

  • People are sometimes unaware that their activities are causing a problem.
  • The City encourages all residents and business operators to talk to their neighbours about problems before making a complaint.
  • For supporting information on resolving disputes with neighbours, click here 

Report an issue

  • To report an issue with poultry, pigeons and other animals, click below. 
  • An officer will action within five (5) working days, including contacting you to clarify the nature of the complaint, check on any possible safety risks for City staff and explain the complaint process.
  • Your contact details are required when lodging this issue to ensure a proper investigation can be completed.
  • Please note, if the issue relates to dogs or cats, refer to the main Issue & Request page for assistance or call the City on 1300 4 CANNING (1300 422 664)
report pigeon, poultry or other animal issue
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