Reporting overhanging branches/shrubs onto verges from private trees. 


The City will respond to overhanging branches from private trees/shrubs in they are causing a hazard or obstruction when overhanging the verge, footpath or roadway.

Private trees

  • If the tree/shrub is growing on private property, the City will follow up with the property owner to request they prune the tree/shrub.
  • This involves writing to the owner and following defined timeframes, therefore this type of request can take a number of weeks to resolve.
  • If possible please attach a photo showing the obstruction.

Report an overhanging branch issue

  • To report an overhanging branch issue, click below. 
  • Please provide clear details outlining the issue.
  • If possible please attach a photo showing the issue.
  • An officer will investigate within three (3) working days.
report overhanging branches - private trees
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