Reporting swimming pool/spa safety barrier concerns.

Duty of care

  • While City Officers will attend at the first opportunity, the City can only guarantee a response within one (1) day.
  • As the complainant you have a 'Duty of Care' obligation to take action and make the area as safe as possible.

Anonymous requests

  • This type of request cannot be anonymous.
  • Your contact details are required when lodging this issue to ensure a proper investigation can be completed, as well as provide the City’s Officers the ability to clarify information to ensure they have a safe working environment.
  • Your personal information is not disclosed to any other person without your consent.

Report safety barrier concerns

  • To request an investigation into a potentially non-compliant swimming pool barrier, please proceed below. 
  • An officer will action within one (1) working day, including contacting you to clarify the nature of the complaint, check on any possible safety risks for City staff and explain the complaint process.
report safety barrier concern
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