Request an on-demand collection of white goods. 

How many?

  • All residential addresses are entitled to two (2) free white goods collections per year.
  • Up to two (2) items can be collected for each on demand request.
  • Requests in excess of two collections per address per financial year will incur a charge. 

Items accepted

  • The following goods are accepted as part of the on demand collection service:
    • fridges
    • freezers
    • dishwashers
    • ovens
    • washing machines
    • microwaves
    • refrigerated air-conditioning units (evaporative units are not accepted through the on demand service).

General conditions

  • Before putting your white goods out on the verge, be sure to:
    • remove all doors from fridges and freezers
    • remove all food from inside fridges and freezers.
  • White goods are not allowed to be included in the junk household waste verge collection.

Alternative disposal

  • Items listed above are also able to be dropped off at our Waste Transfer Station for free.
  • Note, this does not include commercial quantities.

Request an on demand white goods collection

  • Please place your white goods on the verge before 8am on the registered day of collection, and no more than 24 hours before the registered day of collection.
  • Remove all doors from the white goods.
  • Remove all food from inside fridges and freezers.
request on demand white goods collection
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