Congratulations and thank you to the successful grant recipients in 2021 - 2022

Small Grants

Organisation Name Project Details Grant Awarded (inc GST)
Bannister Creek Primary School Opening Of Moort Boodja Community Garden 17th Sept 2021 $500.00
Bentley Japanese Playgroup 15 x children's chairs and toys $499.98
Canning Community Men's Shed Mental health seminar $500.00
Canning Districts RSL Sub Branch  Anzac DayGun Fire Breakfast, marketing, portaloo $500.00
Canning Districts Swimming Club  Promotion of new location and lane signs to improve community awareness $500.00
Canning Vale Play Group Play Equipment  $492.28
Canning Vale Pre Kindy Projector for community events and square card reader $457.00
Canning Vale Senior Football Club  Floor cleaner to maintain clean and safe club facilities by volunteers $500.00
Dynamic Flame Badminton Club Come and Try Day venue hire, badminton equipment, social media campaign to promote new session $500.00
El Shaddai Prayer Partners WA Chapter 16th Anniversary Celebration - 11 September 2021. Hall hire and catering  $500.00
Friends of Rossmoyne Park  Storage and gardening tools for maintenance $500.00
Fusion Australia Independent Living Skills Program - Cleaning equipment  $500.00
Group of Nagarsheth Association of Western Australia  Navratri Multicultural Event - 15 October 2021 $500.00
Gurukul WA Inc  A cultural evening performed by local artists at Indian Cultural Centre  17.9.22 $500.00
Ilankai Tamil Sangam of Western Australia  LED TV to display senior programs and yoga classes $500.00
International Shri Ram Vedic and Cultural Celebration of Shri Ram Navami - venue hire $500.00
Kenyan Community of WA Family Fun Day 25 September . Venue hire and refreshments $500.00
Khalsa Club  Aboriginal Traditional Dance at WA Foundation Event, Hillview $500.00
Lions Cancer Institute WA Big Day Out for 7 children $500.00
Lynwood Football Club  Photography of games for promotional purposes and recruitment of new members $500.00
Malayali Association Perth Mother's Day - Celebration Event 7 May $500.00
Mast Cultural and Language Association Navratri –Indian Dance Festival - 8 October 2021. Grant awarded towards Cultural Performance $500.00
Music and Drama Inc Anniversary celebration 31 October 2021 - costumes $500.00
Nirmala Autheymalam in partnership with Befriend Community value sharing - community session. Production of art to display in Riverton Library  $500.00
Parkwood Tennis Club Come and Try Day - coaching and venue hire $500.00
Peppars Softball Club Catchers helmet, leg guards and gazebo $500.00
Perth Afghan Football Association  Community Afghan Soccer Tournament $500.00
Riverton Junior Football Club  Size 1 and 3 balls for junior team $499.70
Riverton RSL Promotional publication $500.00
Rossmoyne Community Kindergarten Numeracy Literacy Pack $500.00
Rossmoyne Netball Club Training and agility equipment  $487.50
Rostrata Family Centre Rostrata Community Chorus - Pilot subsidy to kickstart activity (10 weeks) $500.00
Salsaal Integration Association  Persian New Year Celebration Event $500.00
Scouts WA - Riverton Scout Group Scout Patrol Cooking Boxes $498.23
Shelley Sailing Club Portable Air Conditioner $500.00
Silver Chain Establishment of therapeutic garden at Queens Park Social Centre  $500.00
St Norbert's Ex Student Association Football Club  Family Fun Day 7 August  $500.00
The Canning River Regional Park Volunteers Clean up Australia Day 6 March - Refreshments and gloves $499.39
The Love Heartz Dance Group PA Speaker System and microphone to support performances $500.00
Ubuntu Australia   Photocopying, flyers, handouts, banner  for Job readiness workshops at Cannington Library $500.00
United Indians of WA  Durga Puja Cultural Event 15 October 2021 - cost towards sound system $499.95
Uniting Church in Australia Art supplies for art exhibition and gallery open days $500.00
Vedic Training & Cultural Services WA Inc Monthly community events - venue hire $500.00
WA Chinese Seniors Association  Chinese Festival - Mid Autumn Festival 20.9.21 - sound system $500.00
Western Australia Telugu Association Inc.  Annual Celebration - videographer costs $500.00
Willetton Junior Cricket Club  Gazebos to protect players from weather conditions  $500.00
Willetton Netball Club 20 x timers for training and matches $500.00
Willetton Toy Library  Children's Week Celebration  $452.50
Wilson Ratepayers Association Membership Management Database $500.00
  Total $24,386.53

Volunteer Grants

Organisation Name Project Details Grant Awarded (inc GST)
Beananging Kwuurt Institute/  Barista Course for 2 x volunteers $440.00
Parkwood Tennis Club  First Aid Courses x 3 volunteers $480.00
WA Chinese Seniors Association Bus Tour to raise awareness of Canning $500.00
Gurukul WA Inc  First Aid training x 2 volunteers and performing arts training for volunteers $500.00
Ubuntu Australia Teaching of English of other Speakers (TESOL) course for volunteer. Develop skills for sessions delivered at Cannington Library $500.00
Give Life Financial wellbeing train the trainer x 4 volunteers $500.00
Uniting Church in Australia First Aid Certification in HLTAID011  x 4 volunteers $500.00
Riverton Football Club First Aid Certification in HLTAID011  x 4 volunteers $500.00
Rossmoyne Netball Club Netball training coach package (12 months) - training development for 15 volunteers $500.00
Illankai Tamil Sangam of Western Australia  First Aid Certification in HLTAID011  x 4 volunteers $500.00
  Total $4,920.00

Equipment Grant Round 1

Organisation Name Project Details Grant Awarded (inc GST)
Canning Vale Senior Football Club Footballs for new masters team $500.00
Willetton Junior Cricket Club  Kit bags, wicket keeping gloves, bowling markers $1,000.00
Headspace Cannington  Portable bbq and wireless speaker and microphone $1,000.00
Riverton Rossmoyne Junior Cricket Club  6 x gazebos to keep players safe $960.00
Ranford Junior Soccer Club  Soccer Balls 10 x 5 sets $780.00
Canning Vale Comets Hurdles x 10 $1,000.00
Riverton Rostrata Cricket Club  Cricket helmets x 6 and balls x 50 $450.00
Willetton Crows Cricket Club Cricket equipment for new women's team $1,000.00
Canning Men's Shed Machinery tools $1,000.00
Rostrata Family & Neighbourhood Centre - equipment grant application Trestle tables and storage cabinet $1,000.00
Rossmoyne Bowling Club  Cadet Bowls x 3 sets $1,000.00
Lynwood Ferndale Playgroup Coffee Machine to assist with the generation of income  $599.50
Rotary Club of Willetton  Eftpos terminal $299.00
Beananing Kwuurt Institute / THE UNITING CHURCH IN AUSTRALIA PROPERTY TRUST (WA) Gazebo, projector, lights and power cords $902.95
Canning Computer Club  3d printer and router machine $967.54
Canning River Canoe Club Flotation aids $600.00
  Total  $13,058.99

Equipment Grant Round 2

Organisation Name Project Details Grant Awarded (inc GST)
Women of the World Stage Mixer and microphones $1,000.00
Bangladesh Australia Association of WA Inc (BAAWA) Various sports equipment $500.00
Hindi Samaj of WA Inc. Tablet and voice recorders to support the development of language  $500.00
Canning Districts RSL Lawn mower and frame memorabilia $850.00
Lynwood United Football CLub  Gazebos and trestle benches $1,000.00
Dynamic Flame Badminton Badminton racquet for extra session $1,000.00
Rossmoyne Netball Club  Match and training balls $1,000.00
Breakaways Softball Club Gazebos sides and equipment bags $821.60
Riverton Junior Football Club Training and coaching aids and bibs $937.27
Canning South Perth Football Club Ice machine for injury management $1,000.00
Willetton Junior Football Club Pre primary team- Auskick guernseys $1,000.00
Queens Park Seniors Dishwasher to reduce waste $1,000.00
1st Canning Sea Scouts  Hiking and Navigation equipment $982.70
Faith Community Church Receipt printer for community café $759.00
Willetton Netball Club Ball pump, safety mats, sweeper and bibs $592.80
Manning United New balls to support new junior teams $1,000.00
  Total  $13,943.37

50-50 Equipment Grant

Organisation Name Project Details Grant Awarded (inc GST)
Manning Utd Football Club Soccer goals to support increasing numbers $2,313.10
Corinthian Park Tennis Club CCTV installation at leased facility including 5 cameras, monitor and hard drive  $3,878.05
Tamil Kudil WA Inc Laptop and Printer for Community Language School $973.00
Station Street Men's Shed Installation of water boiler for men's shed in kitchen. Water boiler will be used for drinking, washing hands, cleaning equipment and floors and heat items e.g moulding  $958.00
Faith Community Church Chiller for community café to increase selection of products and improve sales/ sustainability $1,925.00
Willetton Football Club  Digital Scoreboard (mobile) $3,000.00
Riverton Football Club  6 burner bbq to be used at events such as open day, Auskick games $494.50
Lynwood United Football Club  8 sets of goal nets and accessories to improve image of club and reduce burden on the set up for volunteers $1,276.50
Canning Community Men's Shed Purchase of a trailer to enable items to be taken to events, easy storage and reduce of set up for volunteers $5,000.00
Queens Park Soccer 100 chairs and tables for club rooms for events and activities $2,405.00
Rossmoyne Netball Club 45 equipment bags to carry equipment such as first aid kit and improve image of club $750.00
Willetton Bowling Club Dishwasher and kitchen refit to enable growth in the provision of catering at events and activities $5,000.00
Herald Avenue Senior Citizens Purchase 65 lighter chairs to help senior members set up for activities more safety  $3,087.50
Rossmoyne Junior Football Club Goal pads to improve safety 5x I pads and covers for the purpose of tracking statistics and submitting team information $2,190.00
Willetton Districts Cricket Club Purchase a new fridge to support sales and reduce requirements for volunteers to constantly "stock up" $2,393.50
Hindu Council of Australia 2 x heavy duty marquees for annual Deepavali event. These purchases will reduce hire charges $2,681.00
Lynwood Ferndale Football Club 6 x pads for the purpose of tracking statistics and submitting team information $1,497.00
  Total $39,822.15

Disability Access and Inclusion

Organisation Name Project Details Grant Awarded inc GST
Hindu Council of WA Deepavali Festival of Lights - accessible ramp and sign language interpreter $400.00
Western Australia Turkish-Islamic Association Installation of rail to ramp  $2,101.07
Canning Arts Group Specific arts classes to support participation of individuals with a disability $3,591.50
Lions Club of Canning City Craft classes for people with a disability $1,000.00
Autism Association of WA Delivery of a 20 week basketball and fitness sessions for clients. Purchase basketball equipment to support program $4,895.10
Canning River Canoe Club Double Ski kayak which are more accessible for people with a disability. This style also accommodates tandem paddling, therefore improving safety for people with a disability $5,000.00
  Total $16,987.67

Enriching Canning Grant - Round 1

Organisation Name Project Details Grant Awarded (inc GST)
Baris Education and Culture Foundation Ltd  Women's Platform Ramadan Iftar Dinner - April 22 $3,669.00
Beananing Kwuurt Institute  Art classes and materials. Visit to WA Art Gallery $2,195.00
Canning Vale Senior Football Club  1 x Jumper Set for new masters team  $2,037.00
Cannington Punjabi Club  Festival of Lights Celebration October  $5,000.00
Hindu Council of Australia Deepavali Festival of Lights 2021 - 30 October $5,000.00
Probasee Bengali of Perth Indian (Bengali ) Cultural Celebration - Durga Puja $5,000.00
Royal Life Saving Society Aqua Skills over 55 program $3,500.00
Zonta House  Florescence Program $3,640.00
  Total $30,041.00

Enriching Canning Grant - Round 2

Organisation Name Project Details Grant Awarded (inc GST)
Headspace Community Paint Mural Day $3,299.47
Willetton Toy Library  Stay and Play sessions - Funded Messy Moments and refreshments  $500.00
Shelley Primary School P & C Family Fun Day and Parents Seminar $2,765.00
Riverton Primary School P & C Variety of workshops for parents and wider community $5,000.00
Bangladesh Australia Association of WA Bangladesh Fair 2022 $5,000.00
Uniting Church in Australia Community Garden Training and Implementation $3,427.22
Lynwood Senior High School P&C Harmony Day event and activities $3,000.00
William Langford Community House Design Stitch Gather program $5,000.00
Perth Indonesian Community  Australia Day Celebration $5,000.00
Rossmoyne Community Kindergarten Bird watering station $3,000.00
Sikh Association of Australia Australia Sikh Heritage Day $5,000.00
  Total $40,991.69

Enriching Canning Grant - Round 3

Organisation Name Project Details Grant Awarded (inc GST)
Khalsa Club Development of a Sikh Women’s Support Group (Open Your Heart) $3,670.50
Canning Districts RSL Support costs associated with the gazebo, brass band, meals for Remembrance Day and contribution towards social activities.  $4,000.00
Willetton Senior High School  Bird watering station $3,000.00
Riverton Scout Group - Scouts WA Scout Camp aimed at providing an opportunity for learning including leadership skills and cultural development.  $3,180.00
Riverton Junior Football Club Come and Try Day $2,000.00
Women of World Stage Dance and Choir Sessions $1,300.00
Ilankai Tamil Sangam of WA Digital Sessions for senior members of the community $5,000.00
  Total $22,150.50

Young People Fly High 

15 Young People have been supported to attend competitions     
Total:   $4500    
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