The City of Canning offers grants to enrich and enhance the Canning community. Some common questions are listed below however feel free to contact our Grants Officer for more information if needed.

We ran the proposed activity last financial year and received a grant. What information is required to apply for another grant for the same activity this financial year?

Please complete the application fully with sufficient detail for the Grants Panel to make the assessment. The process is competitive and your application will be assessed against other applications received. Each grant round is oversubscribed for the funds available so please take the time to provide the information needed and remember to provide details of the previously run activity to support your proposal. 

We made more income from our project than we anticipated. What is our responsibility now? 

The Community Partnership grants do not support for-profit activities. Any income generated should be used to assist the ongoing sustainability of the organisation applying for the grant rather than the benefit of individuals. For instance, your organisation may have received support for an art exhibition open to the public where works are also for sale. Any commissions on sales earned by the organisation are then used to support the ongoing work of the applying organisation rather than disbursed to individuals.

We didn’t spend as much money as we had budgeted. How do I acquit my grant application?

Revise your budget according to your costs and receipts and reduce your total invoice accordingly. Any remaining funds will need to be returned to the City of Canning. The Grants Officer will advise of the process to be followed.

I have lost a receipt that is needed for my acquittal, what can I do? 

Please contact the vendor to see if you can get a replacement receipt or please provide a bank statement to demonstrate proof of expenditure.

My sporting competition has already taken place, but it is still within this financial year. Can I apply to Young People in Sport and Recreation Grants? 

No. The City does not fund any activity that has already occurred.

I live in another local government area but my sporting club is in the City of Canning. Can I apply to Young People in Sport and Recreation Grants? 

All applicants for the Young People in Sport and Recreation Grants must reside within the City of Canning. Please check with your own Council to see if they have a grants program that can help you. 

Our project has changed quite a bit since the proposal I submitted to the City of Canning. Will we still receive our grant? 

Requests for approval to any changes need to be made in writing and any changes approved by the panel who assessed the original application prior to commencement by the applicant.  Changes that make your project substantially different from the proposal recommended by the assessment panel and approved by the City of Canning may mean the offer of a grant is rescinded and your grant funds will need to be returned. 

I want to apply to other agencies for additional money, is that allowed? 

Yes. Please identify which costs the City of Canning are paying for in your budget so all funders can allocate their contribution accordingly. You can’t be awarded more grant money in total from multiple sources than the project costs or allocate funding from different sources to the same cost item.

I received a grant last year but forgot to acquit by the due date. Is there any way I can receive payment now that the financial year has passed? 

Please get in touch with the Grants Officer to discuss further. 

I would like to apply for a grant but my activity falls outside of your timeline. Are there out of round grants? 

The Small Community Grant and Young People in Sport Grants are available all year round. The other funding opportunities must be applied by the specified closing date. 

What type of insurances do I require? 

All applicants, except applicants to Young People in Sport and Recreation Grants, will need to have public liability insurance or be linked to an auspice organisation whose insurance covers your activity.

What does in-kind mean? 

These are items in your budget that have value but are given freely or at a reduced rate as goods or services instead of money e.g. volunteer time or loans of equipment. The value of can be estimated by working out what you would have to pay for the same items. 

My community event took place last month. Can I still apply for a grant?   

Your event isn't eligible if it has already taken place prior to approval being received. Check the eligibility criteria of the grant to see whether you can apply for another activity. 

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