The City of Canning receives more grant applications than can be funded each year. It is essential to read the Community Grant Program Guidelines to help you put your best case forward.

See below for information to help you submit a competitive application and how to acquit your grant if successful. Scroll to the bottom and sign up to receive grant closing date reminders by email.


Check you meet the eligibility requirements for your selected grant, then complete the relevant application form. Follow the instructions on the bottom of your form and submit prior to the closing date. Applications received after the closing date will not be processed, so please be sure to submit your application on time. 

Allow 10 - 12 weeks between the closing date and the start of your activity. Young People Fly High is the exception to this rule, however, applications must be made before you leave for your competition.

Essential support material

Each grant category may require different support material. It is your responsibility to supply the requested support material with your completed application form. Written quotes are required for all grant categories. The City of Canning will only consider items  $250 and over where a written quote has been provided as a part of your application. A quote will be issued by the supplier of the item or service and include the supplier's contact details and ABN. A screen capture or print out of the supplier's website with the required information is also acceptable. The quote must represent good value for the item or service provided.

Quotes or receipts created by the applicant for goods and services to be provided by a third party will not be considered.

Application outcome

The Grants Officer will notify applicants of the assessment outcome. If successful, you will be provided with a Grant Offer letter outlining the conditions which apply to your grant offer.  Please complete, sign and return. Payment of the grant will be arranged for those grants with upfront payments. Payment is via electronic transfer and may take up to 3-4 weeks. All bookings, approvals and other practical requirements for your activity remain the applicant's responsibility.

If successful, please undertake your project in line with the milestones outlined in your application or speak to a Grants Officer before making any changes. The Grants Officer can also be contacted for feedback on unsuccessful applications.

Acquitting your grant

Complete and submit the general acquittal form to the City by the due date in your Grant Offer letter, along with the return of any unspent funds. Recipients of a Young People Fly High grant are paid once the Young People Fly High acquittal form has been received and approved, which may take 3-4 weeks. 

A satisfactory acquittal is essential to ensure you remain eligible to apply for further grants from the City of Canning. Your acquittal report will include evidence your activity took place as described, information about outcomes, and evidence of public acknowledgement of the City of Canning. Acknowledging the grant is very important as it helps to promote the Community Grants Program to other potential applicants and thanks the Canning community for their contribution to your activity. Please use the City of Canning logo on your marketing materials.  

Help us to promote the Community Grants Program by providing photos

Your outcomes are the best way to promote the Community Grants Program and encourage more activities which will benefit the Canning community.
Compelling photos of people participating in your activity are a key tool. Please send these through with your acquittal report where possible.

How to supply your photographs:
1. Each person featured in the photo should sign a photographic consent form form, except where the person cannot be recognised, i.e. is seen from behind , is a small figure in the background, or is out of focus. The photos cannot be used without this form. 
2. Ensure your photos are full frame (1x ) and supplied as 'actual size' if taken with your phone. If taken with a camera, please supply at 350 Dots Per Inch (DPI). If the photos are low resolution they cannot be used. 


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