Sport and Community Equipment Grants

There are two rounds available each financial year, one closing 20 September 2019 and the other closing on 22 February 2020.
Incorporated not-for-profit organisations only (including sporting and community) may receive one grant per financial year only (irrespective of any other applications to other grant categories). Schools are not eligible to apply.

This is a contribution toward the purchase of new, durable equipment (i.e. lasting over 12 months) accessible to members, and is not for personal use.

Applicants should demonstrate how the equipment will:

  • encourage increased participation
  • maintain participation levels where sporting and community trends demonstrate decline
  • support new initiatives
  • improve safety for members
  • increase usage of the facilities.

A 50 per cent in-kind or cash-match funding must be contributed. See the FAQ page for further information about what in-kind means.

For more information, follow the links below: 

Sport and Community Equipment Application Form

Community Grants Program Guidelines 

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