The City of Canning offers grants to individuals, groups and organisations to enrich the Canning community.



The City's Community Grant Program is now closed.

Please read the Grant Guidelines prior to applying for a grant. The guidelines contain essential information about how to apply, how your application is assessed, a quick summary to all closing dates and more. Details of the individual grants can be found at the links below or in the guidelines.

Here is the Acquittal Report Form, which will need to be completed at the conclusion of any activity for which you receive a grant. Use this for all grants received, except Young People Fly High, for which you should use the Young People Fly High Acquittal Form.

To make the most of all the grant opportunities available, applicants  may receive one of each type of grant in a financial year subject to meeting eligibility criteria of each. One application only may be submitted to any round.

The community's aspirations for Canning's future are captured in the Strategic Community Plan Our City: Our Future. The grants program aligns with Our City: Our Future to ensure it meets the needs of the community.

Small Community Grants 

Up to $500 for community development and improvement initiatives.

Volunteer Support Grants

Up to $500 is available per community organisation/sporting club towards the training and development of their volunteers.

Arts and Culture Grants - Closed

Up to $5,000 is available for Arts and Culture Initiatives.

Disability Access and Inclusion Grants - Closed

Up to $5,000 is available to ensure activities and programs are welcome and inclusive for people with a disability.

Reconciliation Grants

Up to $2,500 is available for initiatives which build relationships respect and trust  between our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community and our non Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community. The proposal must detail how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have been consulted in the development of your proposal.

Community Initiatives Grants 

Up to $5000 is available for initiatives which address community issues.

Community Equipment Grants 

Up to $5000 is available for durable equipment which will help not-for-profit organisations deliver local community services

Events and Festivals Grants 

Up to $5,000 is available for free and inclusive community events and festivals which take place in the City of Canning

Sport and Recreation Equipment Grants 

Up to $1000 is available for not-for-profit organisations towards the purchase of durable equipment which will encourage increased participation and improve the sporting experience for members.

Sport and Recreation Facilities Grants 

Funding for not-for-profit organisations to improve facilities located on Council-owned or managed land within the City. (EOIs due 25 September 2018 for applications in the 2018-2109 financial year and payment in the 2019-2020 financial year).

Sustainability and Environment Grants 

Up to $5,000 is available to not for profit organisations to develop initiatives which help the sustainability of local services.

Young People Flying High Grants - APPLY PRIOR TO ATTENDANCE

Up to $500 is available to assist young people selected to compete in sporting, cultural or academic competitions with the cost of representing WA organisations at State, National or International level. Applicants must be 25 or under at the start date of the competition or activity and be living in the City of Canning.


Please access advice and guidance from a Grants Officer by contacting 1300 422 664 or emailing