Environmental community groups and organisations make a valuable contribution to natural area management in the City of Canning.

The City is committed to supporting volunteers in their endeavours, with many groups undertaking a long and established history of valuable conservation activities within the area. It is hoped the new Environmental Community Group and Organisation Manual will help to enhance the mutually-beneficial working relationships that exist between community groups and the City.

The main objectives of the manual are to:

  • Provide guidance on natural area management techniques;
  • Outline roles and responsibilities;
  • Outline the support and resources that the City can provide to groups;
  • Provide advice on establishing new groups and managing existing groups;
  • Describe the existing natural environment, threats and opportunities;
  • Outline insurance and public liability requirements;
  • Provide information on creating a safe working environment;
  • Provide templates, website links and contacts to obtain further information;
  • Provide guidance in potential funding and partnership opportunities;
  • Outline training and professional development opportunities.

For more information or advice in relation to the manual, please call our City officers on 1300 422 664.

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