The City of Canning’s waterways provide an environment for recreational activities both in and around the water which can benefit the wellbeing of the local community.

However, there are also potential hazards when using recreational water.

To makesure waterways are safe to swim in, the City’s Environmental Health Officers undertake regular bacterial testing at a variety of popular Canning River locations during the months of November to April.

They do this to determine if the water is generally safe to use for recreational purposes, although it is not possible to guarantee that natural water bodies are safe at all times due to natural and artificial pollution events.

The City’s Environmental Health Officers also work to contribute to the Department of Health’s state-wide classification system for recreational water bodies to help you decide where you want to swim. They issue warnings during pollution events by use of signage and via social media, identifying bacterial pollution sources and looking for long-term bacterial trends.

The locations tested include the following:

  • Kent Street Weir
  • Clontarf Bay
  • Shelley Beach
  • T junction of Riverton Drive and First Avenue
  • T junction of Riverton Drive and Central Avenue
  • T junction of Riverton Drive and Second Avenue
  • Bullcreek Drive, Rossmoyne

The Department of Health is developing an app that will allow the public to easily view recent bacterial water quality findings at various locations around the state. Further information on the state-wide program can be found here.

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