The City of Canning is home to a diverse range of native animals including kangaroos, quendas, possums, bobtail lizards, snakes, spiders, frogs and many types of birds.

The City helps to protect these animals by revegetating and protecting habitat areas, creating wildlife corridors, controlling feral predators and installing wildlife signage along roads.

Trained in snake handling and wildlife rehabilitation, the Natural Areas Team is often called upon to rescue and relocate wildlife.

Some of these activities include rescuing lizards and quendas hit by cars, relocating snakes from public areas such as footpaths, moving turtles and ducks off busy roads, and removing plastic tangled around waterbirds.

Click on the following links to learn more about some of the more common and threatened animals found within the City. For more information, download the To Feed or Not to Feed? brochure.

If you spot injured wildlife in a park or natural area within the City of Canning park, please call our Parks Conservation Officer on 1300 422 382.

If you see injured wildlife elsewhere, call the Wildcare Helpline on 9474 9055.

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