Do you have a wonderful idea for a community event, project or program?

As part of our recovery response to COVID-19, the City of Canning is calling out for Expressions of Interest from our local community to put forward your brilliant ideas for consideration to implement between now and June 2021.
We are seeking partnerships and projects to create memorable, engaging and innovative experiences in the City of Canning, while strengthening community connectedness and responding to the social impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Note: this is separate to our Grants Funding Program. If you wish only to receive funding for your event/project, please click here.

There are two areas of opportunity available:

Community Projects and Initiatives

Smaller projects that strengthen community connectedness, resilience and social inclusion
We believe that the Canning community are experts in their own communities and best placed to determine the types of initiatives and projects that happen here – so think big! If you have an idea to make Canning more connected, happy, healthy or safe, let us know and we’ll talk through the feasibility and possibilities with you.

Youth Led Projects or Initiatives

Empowering young people 11 – 25 years old to influence positive youth-led change.
If you work with, support or are a young thought leader, change-maker, innovator or impact creator, help us support youth-led change in the community. All ideas for projects are encouraged, whether they are the wildest and most innovative, tackling global issues through a local lens, or even the simple but significant.

Eligibility (addressed in application form)

  • Project must be held within the City of Canning boundaries (applicant can be outside Canning)
  • Must be implemented by June 2021
  • Applicants must be part of a sporting, community, or cultural group, or not-for-profit organisation (apart from some youth-led projects, where applicants are individuals aged 25 and/or under and not supported by a school or youth organisation)

Timeline and Important Dates

2 January – Expression of Interest Open
1 March – Expression of Interest Close
2 - 9 March - Panel deliberation
10 March - Applicants advised of outcome

30 June 2021 - all events/projects implemented.

What We Want To Achieve Together

A panel of internal staff will assess eligibility and projects against the below intended objectives and suitability to the Canning community. Your project concept should demonstrate it achieves at least one of the objectives. 
  1. Has a positive impact on the vibrancy, diversity of activity and liveability of the City of Canning
  2. Encourages civic pride, social connections and/or cultural expression
  3. Enhances community participation/ inclusion and fosters social connection
  4. Builds community resilience and responds to social challenges that have been heightened by the COVID-19  pandemic (i.e. mental health, unemployment, family and domestic violence)

We cannot support events/projects that:
  • Are wholly ticketed or require a donation for entry
  • Are tradeshows, conferences, teaching programs/lectures, university open days, commercial theatre, PR opportunities or recurring markets
  • Pollute land, air or water involve the use of animals
  • Denigrate, exclude or offend parts of the community with politics or religion
  • Are used to generate income for business or supplement staffing costs
  • Benefit only single individuals rather than a community 

Contact Us
Should you require more information, or simply want to chat to us about your idea, please contact the City on 1300 422 664 or email

Community Projects and Initiatives

Youth Led Projects and Initiatives
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