Play Streets and Driveway Do's bring neighbours together and help celebrate community life in Canning. 

We can help you to hold a small gathering or event on your doorstep with your neighbours and build stronger community spirit. 
These initiatives are only for City of Canning residents and households/streets within City boundaries.
Note: all initiatives must take place by June 2021.


What is a Driveway Do?

Number of people: maximum 30
Where: on a driveway in your neighbourhood street 
What is provided: Funding to be used for food and supplies
Contact: 1300 422 664 |

Enjoy a BBQ or meal, set up games and activities, pull up a camp chair and get to know your neighbours in a casual, relaxed environment on your doorstep.
This is a simple, easy process - it just needs to stay on your driveway!
Please agree to the Terms and Conditions within the application form.
Download a Letterbox Notification/Invite here (editable Word document).


What is a Play Street?

Number of people: maximum 100
Where: on your neighbourhood street
What is provided: Funding to be used for food and supplies + in kind support covering insurance and traffic management
Contact: 1300 422 664 |

Play Streets make play spaces by temporarily closing streets to through traffic so kids and parents can play outside. Check out the National Play Streets website.
You can apply for funding, hire equipment and access a number of free templates and tools.

The main steps to planning a Play Streets event are:

  1. Read the Events Kit - downloadable below
  2. Read the Terms and Conditions here
  3. Contact the City for initial approval
  4. Start planning your party and get support from your neighbours 
  5. Submit an Application for Order for Road Closure to the Police
  6. Complete Play Streets application online, upload all required documents and request for funding (see details below).

If you want to plan a bigger event or one in another location, please have a look here.

Let's Talk Funding and Support

We have even better news: your event may be eligible for community funding which can cover your food and supplies expenses. We can also assist with a traffic management plan, staff/signage on the day, plus Public Liability Insurance cover. 

Before applying for funding, ensure you have made initial contact with the City to check the suitability of your street and funding availability.

NEW! Safer Neighbourhoods Card

Did you know that your neighbours are your biggest security asset? They can keep an eye on your street whilst you're at work or away and know when something seems out of place. Connecting with your neighbours has never been easier with our NEW Safer Neighbourhoods cards. Simply print off, write a message and your details and pop it in their letterbox to connect with your community! 

Hard copies are available at Community Safety Stations located at the City Administration Centre, all libraries and Leisureplexes. 

DOWNLOAD THE EVENTS                          ONLINE PLAY STREETS                               ONLINE FUNDING 
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