Directory of support providers

If you, or someone you know is experiencing hardship, download our directory of support providers for details on organisations who can assist with:

  • emergency accommodation
  • meals, food vouchers and food parcels
  • maintaining your tenancy
  • domestic violence support
  • legal advice
  • support for young people
  • mental health support
  • financial counselling
  • drugs and alcohol support
  • showers and laundry for people who are homeless. 


The City of Canning recognises that homelessness is a complex and growing issue affecting people in Canning, and more broadly across Australia.
According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics census in 2016, 116,427 Australians are homeless, 9,022 of which live in Western Australia, and 334 in the City of Canning. This means that 0.48% of Australians are homeless on a national level, while the City of Canning’s average is 0.37% of our total population.
Homelessness takes a range of forms – from those who have suddenly become homeless, to those who have been sleeping rough in public places over a long period of time, or those who “couch surf” with friends, family or acquaintances.
A collaborative approach across government, not-for-profits, community, business and those with lived experience is required. The City of Canning is committed to working in partnership to prevent and respond to the challenges of homelessness. 

Download our Homelessness Plan 2021 – 2024 for more information.
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