The following information, events and activities are now available to access - please scroll down for further information:
  • WOWS - Women of World Stage - Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation and Yin and Sound Healing (Jan-Feb 2021)
  • WOWS - Women of World Stage - Choir and Music Group (Thursdays - 6pm to 8pm) Lynwood
  • NDIS - Mission Australia - Local Area Coordinator Service - Riverton Library (Jan onwards)
  • Developmental Disability WA - Autism Parents Handbook 2020-2021
  • Developmental Disability WA - COVID-19 support phone line for people with disability and their families
  • Department of Health - New Sign Language Interpreting Service (November 2020 onwards)
  • Alzheimers WA - Dementia Advisory Service and Adjusting to Change (November onwards)
  • Mission Australia - Mapping accessible and inclusive services within the City of Canning (Project - August to March 2021)
  • Counselling and Advocacy Support for people with a disability - These services are free, independent and confidential (August onwards)
  • Youth Disability Advocacy Network - The UNLEASHED ​Project and further training opportunities (September onwards)
For questions relating to the above or for more specific access requirements, please contact the City of Canning - Disability Access and Social Inclusion Officer on 6350 7229.

Information, events and activities

WOWS - Women of World Stage - Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation and Yin and Sound Healing (Jan-Feb 2021)

Yin and Restorative Yoga is highly meditative, all practiced with eyes closed and on the ground.  Suitable or all levels of fitness and a great tool for improving mental health and wellbeing.  Using sound, vibration, crystal bowls, symphonic gongs, zaphir chimes and aeolian harps creates a space for mindful relaxation for releasing all that does not serve you and receiving peace and abundance.

Women of World Stage invite you to 'Yoga & Mindfulness Meditation' and "Yin & Sound Healing' during January and February 2021.  Bookings are limited to 15 per class.  For further information please click on the following link - WOW-Yoga-Meditation-Yin-Sound-Healing

WOWS - Women of World Stage - Choir and Music Group (Thursdays - 6pm to 8pm) Lynwood

WOW is calling all music lovers to join them every Thursday evening to singing and playing music from around the world.  WOWS Choir and Music Group loves to experience the diversity of music that our amazing community has on offer.   Everyone is welcome to come along and share your voice and instrumental skills.  For further information please click on the following link - WOW-Choir-2021

NDIS - Mission Australia - Local Area Coordinator Service - Riverton Library (Jan onwards)

The Mission Australia Local Area Coordination Service is available to answer your questions about the NDIS and to help link you to other mainstream and community supports. Local Area Coordinators will be available each Monday (except public holidays) from 2pm – 4.30pm in the Riverton Library, 67 Riley Road Riverton. We are inviting community members to meet with a Local Area Coordinator (LAC) who can help with: 
  • How to access the NDIS 
  • How to prepare for your NDIS planning 
  • How to understand and use your NDIS plan 
  • Using the NDIS my Place Participant Portal 
  • How to manage the budgets in your plan 
  • How to find and engage providers to help you meet your goals 
  • How to link to other mainstream and community services

Arrangements can be made to support people who require interpreters or who have specific cultural requirements, please call 1800 370 776 prior to your visit if required.   For further information please click on the following link - LAC-in-the-Community-at-Riverton-Library-2021

Developmental Disability WA (DDWA) - Autism Parents' Handbook 2021/2021

The Autism Parents' Handbook is the ultimate book for parents and carers of children with ASD, in Western Australia providing a detailed guide of the services and support available. The author of this handbook Heidi Brandis has a child with ASD and is sharing the updated resource in hopes to save parents valuable time.

The handbook covers everything from getting a ASD diagnosis to technology, driving and sensory resources. The handbook also outlines support and services available across regional WA and also provides information on funding, respite and advocacy.

Hard copies of the Autism Parents' Handbook are free to collect from the DDWA office is West Perth or can be downloaded from: 
DDWA - Autism Parents Handbook


Developmental Disability WA (DDWA) - COVID-19 Support phone line for people with disability and their families

If you or anyone you know has questions about accessing services and support due to the impacts of Covid-19, please call DDWA who are ready to help connect you or your family member with the most appropriate person or service.

Please call DDWA on 1800 031 093 or visit - DDWA Website

Department of Health - New Sign Language Interpreting Service (November 2020 onwards)

From November 2020, older Australians who are deaf, deafblind, or hard of hearing, and who do not have access to interpreting services through aged care programs or the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), can access free sign language interpreting services for daily activities such as:

  • family/social events
  • banking
  • moving/selling house
  • dealing with agencies/advisors etc.
These services are available face-to-face and by video remote.  Sign language services for deaf consumers or consumers who are hard of hearing are available in:
  • Auslan
  • American Sign Language
  • International Sign Language
  • Signed English
Tactile signing and hand over hand interpreting is available for deafblind consumers.

Access to these services
Clients will need to contact Auslan Connections in advance. Once registered you will receive a Department of Health booking code which can be used each time when making a booking for the interpreting service. Bookings can be made via the Auslan Connections website or by calling 1300 010 877.

Bookings should be made in advance when possible to ensure the availability of an interpreter.

Further information:
Each client can access an average of 40 hours of interpreting services per year. Over the next six months usage will be monitored. A cap may be applied in the 2021-22 financial year.  Deaf or hard of hearing clients who are over 65 won’t be required to receive an aged care assessment if they are seeking to access interpreting services.   This new arrangement is in addition to the sign language interpreting services for older Australians who are receiving or want to access aged care services, as announced by the Minister on 17 June 2020.

Further information:  
Health Department - National Sign Language Interpreting Service for Aged Care

Alzheimer's WA - Dementia Advisory Service & Adjusting to Change

Alzheimers WA is committed to supporting you and your family through these challenging times.

The Dementia Advisory Service is one of the ways to provide that support and the Alzheimers team can make an appointment to chat over the phone or via video call (which ever you prefer).  The team is available to offer support and to also link you with other services that may be suitable for you and your family.

The valuable 'Adjusting to Change' program is now delivered via video call over a six week period and will provide relevant information, emotional support and practical assistance for people in the early stage of dementia and their support person (family member or friend).

For further information please see the attached flyers - Dementia-Advisory-Service-Flyer  and  Alzheimers-Adjusting-to-Change-2020-Flyer

Mission Australia - Mapping accessible and inclusive services within the City of Canning  (Project Duration - August to March 2021)

City of Canning has recently partnered with Mission Australia on a project which will focus on mapping the accessibility services and amenities available for people living with disability within the City of Canning.  This mapping will not only capture the physical accessibility spaces and areas within the City, but also provide an online resource focused on information provision, advocacy services, peak bodies, peer support groups, social inclusion, and specific disability/aged care programs and identify key community leaders in these areas.  Once identified this data will be made accessible for users via an interactive map, which will be hosted on the City of Canning website. The purpose of this interactive online map is to provide the community with important information about the available accessible services and activities within the City.  This will assist not only people with disability, but all members of the community to feel welcome and included within the City.  It will allow individuals and families to plan their activities and enjoy the City’s parks & gardens, sporting grounds, events & venues, places of worship, etc.  

This project has commenced and the first phase, mapping Council services and facilities, Social and Recreational activities and opportunities, will be completed by March 2021..

If you have any questions please call our City Access & Inclusion Officer on (08) 6350 7229 or visit our - Your Say Access and Inclusion page:

Counselling and Advocacy Support for people with a disability -  (August onwards)

The Australian Government is funding counselling and advocacy support services for:
  •  people with disability who have experienced violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation
  •  anyone who is engaging with or affected by the Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability (‘the Disability Royal Commission’).
These services are free, independent and confidential.

The Australian Government understands that people engaging with or affected by the Disability Royal Commission may need support – and is funding a range of support services over the next three years.

Anyone who wishes to access this support does not need to make a submission or have any prior involvement with the Disability Royal Commission.
Contact the National Counselling and Referral Service on 1800 421 468 for counselling support, or ask to be connected to a counsellor or advocate near you

Youth Disability Advocacy Network (YDAN) - Training Opportunities   (September onwards)

The Youth Disability Advocacy Network (YDAN) would like to share with you inform on their new exciting entrepreneurship, employment, and public speaking training programs for Young People With Disability (YPWD), called UNLEASHED.

The UNLEASHED training program will build upon the successes, ideas, and principles of similar successful programs run by LGA's and disability inclusion organisations. Our specialist training facilitators, external experts, and volunteers will themselves have lived experience with a disability or access need. The program will be open and highly inclusive of young people in minority groups, who may not have access to similar training opportunities.

Just over a week ago, YDAN released a survey to better understand the specific areas YPWD would like to gain confidence in, as well as to understand the most significant barriers to employment they face due to workplaces lack of knowledge on disability. We are asking that:
  1. any Australian, of any age, with a disability fill in our survey, to let us know what they would’ve loved to have seen in a training program when they were younger, based on their experience with disability and barriers to employment
  2. young people with disability (YPWD, aka prospective participants) aged 14-25, to let us know what they want to see in a program like UNLEASHED and
  3. lastly, YPWD interested in participating in our project fill out our expression of interest built into the survey.
The brilliant team of trainers in UNLEASHED will use this survey information to tailor their content in order to be as relevant and useful as possible to the Western Australian community. To access the survey and complete your expression of interest in participating in this project, please register at the following link: 

Further details and contact information for YDAN: UNLEASHED-Flyer

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