Canning Access and Inclusion Advisory Group

The Canning Access and Inclusion Advisory Group (CAIAP) was established to advise the City on matters related to access and inclusion and to support the development, implementation, review and evaluation of various strategies, plans, services and other initiatives.

The CAIAP will provide City Officers with a reference point for eliciting the view of community members who experience barriers to access and inclusion on a range of issues and topics.  It will be a key source of advice in ensuring that equity related to disability, access and inclusion is upheld.

The advisory group consists of nine community members, who represent our diverse community, including lived experienced, age, gender, cultural backgrounds and expertise.  The term of appoinntment for membership will be a period of two (2) years.

The first CAIAP meeting was held on the 30th July, 2020 at the Riverton Library and the group will continue to meet on a quarterly basis.

For more information on the Canning Access and Inclusion Advisory group, please call the City of Canning on 1300 422 664, email
or make comment via our Access & Inclusion 'Your Say Page' -

People with Disabilities – Access and Inclusion Policy review
In May 2019 the City of Canning Council supported a motion to review its People with Disabilities – Access and Inclusion Policy, which was last revised in 2009.  As part of the review the City expressed a desire to engage with people living within the local government area, specifically those living with a disability, through community consultations.

To ensure broad and transparent engagement with the Canning community, the City engaged Inclusion Solutions, an external third-party consultant, to support the City in its review. This was done via a number of strategies to encourage community engagement to ensure that final recommendations with regard to the policy would represent the Canning community.

To view the consultant report, follow the link:  Inclusion Solutions - Review of 'People with Disabilities Access & Inclusion Policy

As per the recommendation made in the Inclusion Solutions report the City of Canning has began the process of co-designing the new policy with the Canning Access and Inclusion Advisory Group and will be holding a number of workshops over the coming three months.

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