Know Your Community Project - mapping of accessible services and activities within Canning

City of Canning has partnered with Mission Australia on a project which will focus on mapping the accessibility services and amenities available for people living with disability within the City of Canning. This mapping will not only capture the physical accessibility spaces and areas within the City, but also provide an online resource focused on information provision, advocacy services, peak bodies, peer support groups, social inclusion, and specific disability/aged care programs and identify key community leaders in these areas. Once identified this data will be made accessible for users via an interactive map, which will be hosted on the City of Canning website. The purpose of this interactive online map is to provide the community with important information about the available accessible services and activities within the City. This will assist not only people with disability, but all members of the community to feel welcome and included within the City. It will allow individuals and families to plan their activities and enjoy the City’s parks and gardens, sporting grounds, events and venues places of worship etc.  

If you are a social or sporting group, local business or service provider and would like to be included in our on-line mapping - please complete and return our 'Accessibility and Inclusion Questionnaire'.

To access the questionnaire please click the following link: Accessibility and Inclusion Questionnaire 2021

If you have any questions regarding this project, please give our Disability Access and Social Inclusion Officer a call on (08) 6350 7229.

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