Often shopping trolleys are taken by residents from shopping precincts and left dumped in and around the City’s spaces.

Shopping trolleys taken outside of shopping precincts can be hazardous and unsightly. Abandoned trolleys often obstruct the road or footpath and have the potential to cause damage to property or may end up in local waterways, causing build-up of debris and restricting water flow.

To reduce the impact on the local environment we ask shoppers to return trolleys they use, and for everyone to take the time to report trolleys which have been abandoned.

How to report an abandoned shopping trolley

To report abandoned trolleys for the following retailers please call 1800 Trolley Tracker (1800 876  553), click here to visit their website or email 1800trolley@coles.com.au  

  • 1st Choice Liquor   
  • Coles                     
  • Kmart                    
  • Officeworks   
  • Bunnings Warehouse trolleys please call 1300 554 777 
  • Aldi's Supermarket trolleys please call 13 25 34

To report abandoned trolleys for the following retailers please call 1800 641 497   

  • Big W
  • Target                 
  • IGA                     
  • Woolworths  
  • Dan Murphys            

Proactive action taken by Council

To assist in addressing this problem, the City of Canning Ranger and Community Safety Services routinely reports abandoned trolleys and impound shopping trolleys in accordance with the City’s Consolidated Local Laws.

Your responsibilities

If you use a shopping trolley, it is your responsibility to ensure the trolley remains in the shopping centre precinct and to return it to the designated trolley collection point. A person who leaves a shopping trolley in a public place or on the verge causing an obstruction to the public place or verge commits an offence.

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