The welfare of animals is often a deciding factor for people in making quick decisions in emergencies, including evacuating a threatened property or seeking emergency shelter.

The City of Canning recognises the importance of maintaining animal owner links as part of the Community Recovery Process and has developed a Community Safety Trailer to help support residents and their pets in the event of a community evacuation.
The City of Canning Welfare Evacuation Centres adjoin sporting ovals and school grounds. In the event of a community evacuation, the trailer will be stationed on the grounds connecting to the nominated Welfare Evacuation Centre, enabling animals to receive basic emergency animal welfare provision accompanied by their owners.

Fitted with a range of basic animal supplies, the trailer can provide support to animals whose owners have no other option but to bring them along to the Welfare Evacuation Centre. Please note, pets need to be accompanied by their owners and will only be admitted onto the grounds adjoining the welfare facility and not within the facility itself. Assistance animals will be accepted.

How to prepare your pet in an emergency

Just as we need to prepare our family and property in times of emergencies and natural disasters, we also need to prepare for the safety of our animals. As pets are reliant on owners for their safety in an emergency, it is essential you plan ahead and prepare for the safety and welfare of your pets, livestock or other farm animals well before a potential natural disaster affects your home or property.

For more information, download a copy of the City of Canning Pets in an Emergency brochure.

Useful links

Database register for micro chipped pets 24 hour hotline: 1800 025 461 or 1800 333 202. 


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