Cats and kittens make wonderful companions, providing their owners with years of love and devotion. However, caring for your cat’s needs and adhering to legislative requirements in regards to their ownership is a major component of being a responsible pet owner.

The Cat Act 2011 means all cats six months of age or older have to be micro-chipped, sterilised and registered with the local government in which the cat resides in. For more information visit the Department of Local Government and Communities website.

Click to download our Responsible Cat Ownership brochure for more information about being a responsible pet owner.

The City of Canning is also a member of the Happy at Home project, which provides further information about cats and their movements, as well as tips to keep your cat safe and happy at home. Click here to learn more. 

It is a legal requirement for all cats six months of age or older to be registered. Registrations for one or three years are due on the first of November each year. Lifetime registrations are also available.  Cats should wear a collar with current registration and identification tags at all times.
This will help in safely returning your cat if it is ever lost. If the owner of a cat cannot be identified, it may be transported to the City’s Cat Management Facility.
Cat owners found to be non-compliant with these requirements may face a $200 infringement and fines of up to $5,000 if prosecuted. To apply to register a cat, please click here.

All cats over the age of six months of age must be micro-chipped prior to registration. Micro-chipping is a quick, safe and simple procedure which can be carried out by your local vet.

Sterilisation and Vaccination
The owner of a cat that has reached six months of age must ensure the cat is sterilised by a vet. It is also recommended that you vaccinate your cat.

Change of ownership
Is your cat going to a new owner? If so, please click here to download the Notification of Change of Ownership form.
Cat breeders must ensure that all cats are micro-chipped and sterilised prior to transfer to a new owner

Cat breeders
If you are a current cat breeder or wish to become a breeder, you must apply for a cat breeding license from the City. Click here for more information

Thinking of buying a Cat or kitten? please download the RSPCA Smart Cat/ Kitten Buyers Guide
In addition to sterilising, micro-chipping and registering your cat, the City of Canning recommends you consider the following:

  • Installing an outdoor cat enclosure.
  • Vaccinating your cat.
  • Not allowing your cats to roam. Most people are aware that cats should be brought in during the evening to reduce hunting but it will also assist in reducing cats being involved in road accidents, catching diseases and fighting with other cats.
  • Ensuring your cat wears a collar and bell.

Lost cats
If you and your pet are separated, please contact the Ranger and Community Safety Services team on 1300 422 664.

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